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New advanced course on diagnostics and prevention for fish parasite control in aquaculture

25 July 2019

Early and correct diagnosis, efficient preventive and palliative measures, and accurate epidemiological studies are key to reduce the impact of pathogens in the aquaculture sector. Providing over 18 hours of in-class training and 14 hours of practical work, this course offers a complete overview of the main parasitic diseases in marine and freshwater aquaculture in the Mediterranean region, as well as diagnostic methodologies, disease assessment and prevention and control measures. Besides, it is a unique opportunity to meet and work with professionals from all over the world and share hands-on experience with top experts.

Marine and freshwater finfish aquaculture in the Mediterranean region is nowadays a fast expanding sector in animal production. Gilthead sea bream, European sea bass, rainbow trout, common carp and other species are the most farmed fish in Mediterranean countries and provide high quality animal protein from aquatic origin. These farming activities also contribute significantly to wealth and job creation in coastal and rural areas. However, diseases are still a limiting factor for the development of a sustainable production.

Amongst other diseases, parasites and related infections can cause significant damages to farmed fish species resulting in poor growth performance, impaired welfare and high mortality rates, with significant consequences in terms of production and economic performance. The high impact of these parasitic diseases and the low availability of control tools have called the attention of European authorities for further research that is addressed through several EU H2020 projects.

Early and accurate diagnosis, efficient preventive and palliative measures and precise epidemiological surveys should be the key to reduce the impact of these pathogens in this sector.

The general objective of the course is to provide integrated information on fish parasites affecting marine and freshwater fish farming in the Mediterranean region, focusing on the most recent knowledge of the main parasitic diseases, diagnostic methods, disease assessment and preventive and control measures.

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