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CIHEAM Zaragoza and the International Olive Council organize an online course on monitoring and surveillance of olive pathogens

21 October 2020

Olive is a strategic crop of huge importance for the temperate regions, not only grown for its economic relevance but also for preserving social, cultural and environmental values. It is threatened by numerous harmful organisms, including emerging, re-emerging and quarantine pathogens. Therefore, their prevention and timely detection are of paramount importance for olive production areas before implementing any control measure. Surveillance and monitoring are key actions for successfully meeting this objective, using fit for purpose methodologies.

In this context, the IOC and the CIHEAM organize this online course to provide the most up to date information relevant for improving preparedness of the competent authorities in plant health certification and inspection.

Providing a truly applied approach, this course offers an insight on the biology, ecology and epidemiology of the main pathogens threatening olive through live sessions and practical demonstrations and exercises. Participants also learn about the regulatory context and international standards under which the surveillance and monitoring of olive pathogens are performed, or the relevant parameters for survey design and efficient monitoring. Besides, the course is a unique opportunity to network with professionals and key actors in IOC member countries, exchange experiences and strengthen cooperation to deal with emerging and re-emerging diseases in olive.

Dates: 2-4 / 9-11 /14-16 December 2020.
Organizers: CIHEAM Zaragoza and International Olive Council (IOC)
Application deadline: 2 November 2020
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