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New course: Predictive Breeding Tools for Intensive and Sustainable Production under Climate Change Scenarios

12 July 2021

The integration of conventional breeding with high-precision phenotyping, genetic modelling and crop growth simulation methods can improve current predictive breeding to deliver new strategies and toolkits, leading to new, high-yielding varieties selected to cope with anticipated future climatic conditions.

In this context, CIHEAM Zaragoza –together with the EU Projects ERA-Net SusCrop BARISTA (Advanced tools for breeding BARley for Intensive and SusTainable Agriculture under climate change scenarios) and PRIMA GENDIBAR (Utilization of local genetic diversity to understand and exploit barley adaptation to harsh environments and for pre-breeding), and ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas)– organize this course to raise awareness of the extra challenges imposed by climate change to food security and cereal breeding; give guidance on the possibilities offered by crop and climate models to improve predictions; and provide an integrated overview of the strategies that must be considered to increase breeding effectiveness combining recent advances on genomics and phenomics with crop and climate modelling. Although the course will be focused on small-grain cereals, the predictive tools presented are amenable to other crops. Besides, the course is a unique opportunity to connect and network with professionals from other countries who are interested in breeding predictive tools to cope with climate uncertainty.


For more information -> https://edu.iamz.ciheam.org/PredictiveBreedingTools/en/