CIHEAM is looking for 4 young consultants to develop an analysis of the priorities and needs for coastal zone management and fisheries in the Mediterranean, and the impact of the coronavirus crisis on this field.

18 January 2021

CIHEAM is seeking to recruit four young specialists on Sustainable Coastal Zone Management and Sustainable Fisheries Development In the framework of the Working Plan for 2021 of the CIHEAM Working Group on Coastal Zone Management and Fisheries. The selected young consultants will be hired by the CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (MAI) responsible for the section of the analysis to be implemented and directly supervised by the WG member of that Institute.


The Consultant should perform the following tasks:

  1. Identify the major regional and local stakeholders in the Mediterranean, concerned with Sustainable Coastal Zone Management/Sustainable Fisheries. The consultant should seek stakeholders from all the segments involved in the field they are assigned. They are advised to follow the guidance from FAO about developing sustainable food value chains (http://www.fao.org/3/a-i3953e.pdf).
  2. Collect data on the problems and issues that Sustainable Coastal Zone Management/Sustainable Fisheries is facing, particularly during the pandemic of Covid-19. Information and data should be obtained from existing reports, technical documents and publications produced by relevant stakeholders.
  3. Following the identification of stakeholders from all segments of the studies subsector, the consultant should conduct interviews and questionnaires in order to elicit experts’ and stakeholders’ opinions and experiences.
  4. Collaborate with the other consultants/specialists recruited in this call by the Mediterranean Agronomic Institutes.
  5. Conduct a SWOT Analysis using the above-mentioned collected information. Consultants are advised to follow the SWOT analysis methodology and other Consultation tools presented in the EAF Toolbox (http://www.fao.org/fishery/eaf-net/toolbox/en) developed by FAO.
  6. Generate a harmonised report based on the gathered information as well the subsequent SWOT analysis.


Details can be found here.