IAMZ promotes and coordinates cooperative research programmes in order to facilitate the collaboration between experts belonging to research teams from CIHEAM member countries and other European and non-European countries. The general objective is to analyse the problems affecting Mediterranean agriculture, aquaculture, natural resources and the environment, carrying out a joint search for results and enabling the exchange of results by harmonising methodology and applied techniques.

Structures to develop cooperative research programmes are research networks, working groups and research projects. The research projects arise in many cases from the networks and always have a fixed duration (normally between 3 and 4 years) determined by their financing, generally external, mainly from the EC through its different programmes.

In recent years, IAMZ has devoted much time and effort to the submission of proposals to the EC with more than 20 projects being submitted to the INCO, MEDA, Interreg, FP6 and FP7 programmes, 14 of which have been financed. In these projects, IAMZ acts as the administrative coordinator and plays an organising and managing role or act as a partner, being most frequently in charge of training and dissemination activities. When being the coordinator, IAMZ serves as a linking unit between the scientific partners and the financing body (European Commission), and between the partners themselves, working closely with the scientific coordinator, organising the meetings, bringing support on project administrative issues, submitting the reports, etc.

Map Of Programmes


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