Research Networks

The IAMZ promotes and coordinates cooperative research networks in order to facilitate the collaboration between experts belonging to research teams from CIHEAM member countries with the objectives of:

  • Making a shared analysis of problems affecting Mediterranean agriculture
  • Conducting a common search for results
  • Enabling the exchange of results by harmonizing methodology and applied techniques
  • Publishing results relevant to the Mediterranean region

The research networks are structured groups of researchers working on common scientific areas, with a stable coordination structure and a large and consolidated participation of persons, institutions and countries. The topics of the networks currently promoted by the IAMZ are diverse: fruit production (specially nuts), cereals and legumes, small ruminants, pastures and fodder crops, fisheries, drought management and food safety. Other topics have been also dealt with in the past, as Mediterranean rabbit production, mycorrizhae, aquaculture, etc.

The level of activity and the type of action carried out by the networks and research groups vary according to the specific objectives fixed, the availability of the participants, the degree of scientific coordination and the synergy with the activities carried out by other national or international institutions associated to the IAMZ. Activities generally fall into the following categories:

  • Exchange of information and material
  • Direct technology transfer through study missions
  • Organization of seminars, symposiums, conferences and courses
  • Publications in scientific journals
  • Mediterranean-scope research work using common methodologies
  • Preparation and development of joint research projects
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