Prof. Lamiae Ghaouti (IAV Hassan II, Morocco): New President of the CIHEAM Advisory Board

07 July 2021

Prof. Lamiae Ghaouti is in charge of the Department of Cooperation, Partnership and Development at the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II (IAV Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco). She also holds the position of Head of the Department of Plant Production, Protection and Biotechnology where she has been teaching since 2011. She completed her PhD in Agronomy, Specializing in Plant Genetic Improvement at Georg-August Göttingen University in Germany, where she completed her PhD in Agronomy and received the Kurt von Rümker Prize in Quedlinburg in 2009. Since 2019, she has been a member of the Advisory Board, the scientific council for the CIHEAM.

Ms. Ghaouti was unanimously appointed president by the members of the board. In addition to the organization of the thesis prize, the CIHEAM Advisory Board supports the main strategic orientations of the Organization such as the initiatives of the corporate working groups, the policies of Social and Environmental Responsibility as well as in terms of publications.