Innovations to improve sustainability in the sheep and goat sectors: iSAGE Training Course and Workshop

19 December 2019

The European iSAGE Project (Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe) will put on a course and workshop entitled “Innovations to Improve Sustainability in the Ovine and Caprine Sectors” at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ-CIHEAM) 10-13 December 2019.

The event is geared towards the production sectors of Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal and the objective is to present, debate, and convey the main results of the project throughout its four years of life , covering a variety of topics such as evaluation of sustainability and farms in Europe, the challenges of climate change and possible strategies for adaptation, consumer trends and the development of new products, and innovations in flock management, feeding, genetics, insemination, marketing, social initiatives, etc.

The event will consist of three activities:

  • A Training Course (10-11 December), led by experts in the field, outreach services, associations, young researchers, involved in management and consulting for livestock farmers and businesses in the sector. The aim of the course is to convey the work that has been done, explaining and discussing what methods were used, how the sector has participated, and what results can be applied and adapted for the sector´s improvement and adaptation strategies.
  • A Field Visit (12 December), organised by Oviaragón-Grupo Pastores (a shepherds´cooperative), which is a member of the project. This visit will be open to those participating in the course as well as in the workshop.
  • A Dissemination Workshop (13 December), for a wider audience than just users of iSAGE, including livestock farmers and their representatives, administrative officials, as well as experts in the field and other possible interested parties. The objective is to present the project in a concise way and discuss the results with participants.

Due to the international nature of the event, all activities will take place in Spanish, English, and French, with simultaneous interpretation for all three languages.

Registration is open until 4 December and can be done online: http://projects.iamz.ciheam.org/isagetrainingcourse/es/

Contact: Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (isage@iamz.ciheam.org)