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In this website we collect and use information as indicated in our privacy policy. One way of doing this is through “cookies”. At CIHEAM Zaragoza, we use cookies for several things.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a small piece of information that is saved on your browser (i.e. Google Chrome or Apple Safari) when you visit certain websites.

What ISN’T a cookie?

A cookie is not a virus, Trojan malware or a worm. Nor is it spam or spyware. A cookie does not open pop-ups.

What information does a cookie store?

Cookies do not usually store sensitive information about you such as credit card or bank details, photos or personal information, etc. Data stored by cookies is normally technical, such as statistics, personal preferences, browsing patterns etc.

The web server does not associate you as a person but to your web browser. In fact, if you normally use Chrome, try browsing the same website with Firefox and you will see that the website does not remember you because it is associating the information with the browser and not the person.

There are different types of cookie

  • Technical cookies are the most elementary cookies that among other things tell us when a person or robot is browsing, when an anonymous user or registered user is browsing. They also perform basic tasks as on any other dynamic website.
  • Analytics cookies collect information on browsing patterns, favourite sections, products consulted, use times, language etc.
  • Advertising cookies show adverts according to browsing patterns, country of origin, language, etc.

What are first-party and third-party cookies?

First-party cookies are set by the website you are visiting and third-party cookies are set by external services or providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc.

What cookies does this website use?

This website uses first-party and third-party cookies. The following cookies are used by this website:

First-party cookies:

List of cookies:

Log in cookies  enable you to log in and out of your CIHEAM Zaragoza account.

Personalisation cookies give you a more personalised experience as they help us to remember what sites or persons you have interacted with so that we can show you related content.

Preferences cookies enable us to remember your preferences and settings such as preferred language and privacy configuration.

Third-party cookies

This website uses analytics services, basically Google Analytics to help the website analyse how users browse the website and improve the user’s experience, however they are never associated with data that could identify the user. Google Analytics is provided by Google, Inc., You can check here the type of cookies used by Google.

Here you will find information on the cookies policies of the social media used by this web:

Can cookies be deleted?

Yes. They can be switched off and blocked generally for a specific domain.
To turn off a website’s cookies go to your browser’s settings and look for the cookies associated with the domain in question.

More information about cookies

More information is also available at: http://www.aboutcookies.org/

If you wish to have greater control over cookies settings, you can install “Do Not Track”, programs or devices on your browser, so that you can choose the cookies you wish to set.

This cookies policy was updated on 20-09-2020..

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