Each academic year IAMZ organizes a number of Advanced courses in its life-long learning programme. These courses represent a significant part of IAMZ activity that covers an important training need in the Mediterranean region for updating professionals’ knowledge and capacities.

The courses are programmed in the five IAMZ specialization areas and the offer is renewed each year. The topics are selected according to their current relevance and interest and, when considered appropriate, successive editions of the same course are organized in different years. A certificate of attendance is awarded to participants.


Course characteristics

  • Have a duration of one or two weeks maximum
  • Are aimed at professionals with a university degree whose experience is related to the subject matter of the course
  • Have a fundamentally applied orientation and either deal with hot issues in the Mediterranean context, explore innovative technical aspects and particular methodologies, or provide and integrated an multidisciplinary approach to the topics
  • Are taught by invited renowned experts selected for their expertise in the subjects working in research centres, universities, administration bodies, private firms and international organisations from all over the world
  • Provide a high-level updating of knowledge, which is complemented by the opportunity to exchange experiences, within an international framework, with the lecturing guest experts and with the other professionals participating in the course
  • Many are organised in partnership with prestigious international and national organizations
  • Are held at IAMZ or on partners’ premises
  • Are delivered with English-French-Spanish simultaneous interpretation


• In February of each year IAMZ publishes an information leaflet of the courses that are programmed for the following academic year
• The information leaflets of each individual course are published 6-8 months
before the beginning of the course


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