Registration to Master programmes

The information on the registration formalities to be fullfiled by admited candidates in the different Master programmes is detailed in their corresponding web pages.


Registration to Advanced courses for professionals

In order to formalize their inscription, admitted candidates must pay the registration fees by bank transfer, complete the form of acceptance of participation norms, send three passport-sized photographs and give proof of medical insurance cover valid for Spain.

IAMZ takes out a collective medical insurance policy for their grantholders. Other participants may also take advantage of this policy upon payment of the stipulated sum.

Participants from non-EU countries should make arrangements far enough in advance with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to obtain a visa to enter and stay in Spain.

In the case of courses that are coorganized with other institutions and not held on IAMZ premises, registration conditions, medical and accident insurance cover, visa procedures, etc. may vary according to the requirements established by all the organizing institutions.

Admitted candidates receive detailed information on compliance with these formalities and the procedures to perform them.



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